Concrete Pumps

Here at Network Concrete we not only supply you with concrete but also have the facility to supply you with concrete pumps.

There are two types of concrete pumps, boom pumps and groundline concrete pumps.

Depending on the access to your job depends whether you require a concrete pump or whether we pour your concrete into wheelbarrows or directly into your designated area.

Advantages to using Concrete Pumps

There are many advantages to using concrete pumps to assist you with your project. These include: –

  • Saving time – No need to move the concrete around in wheelbarrows.

  • No mess – which could be caused whilst transporting the concrete around site in wheelbarrows.

  • The ability to get around site with ease if obstacles may be in the way.

  • The ability to reach areas where the access may be restricted.

    Types of concrete pumps

    The two types of concrete pumps to choose from are boom pumps and groundline concrete pumps.

    Groundline concrete pumps are where the pipes run along the ground and then pour directly to your designated area. We can pump concrete up to 50 meters which comes as standard but have the ability to pump up to 150 meters upon request.

    Boom pumps are the other type of concrete pump we can provide you with. Boom pumps operate by a boom arm which extends up and over to reach the area you require your concrete. These concrete pumps are generally used when a groundline concrete pump cannot be; due to areas that are at height or have restricted access.