Concrete Specifications

  • C10/Gen 1 – This mix can be used for kerbsides and general use.

  • C15/Gen 2 – This mix can be used for footings as well as drainage works. It is also the perfect mix for floors where a covering will be installed such as tiles and carpet.

  • C20/Gen 3 – This grade of concrete is used for slab foundations under houses and bungalows. It is also the ideal mix to have for a base to accommodate a shed or garage etc.

  • C25/ST2 – This mix is very versatile and used in many domestic and commercial jobs. It can be used for footings and foundations, including areas such as patios and driveways.

  • C30-C35 – These are quite durable mixes. They are commonly used for pavements. They are also very good mixes for slabbing along with driveways and walkways.

  • C40 – This is a very strong grade of concrete. It is generally used for roadworks and the agricultural industry.

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