On-Site Mixed Concrete

Here at Network concrete we provide an on site mixed concrete service to both domestic and commercial clients.

In order for us to do this, we use our volumetric concrete lorries to carry out this service. The lorries are able to carry the ballast, cement and water in separate compartments. Once on site the controls are set in order to produce the amount of concrete required. Once this is in place the lorry then carries out the correct quantity of each of the materials to make the perfect mix for your project, which then comes down the belt and into the designated area.

We do also provide our clients with a concrete pump hire service if the area in which you require concrete has difficult access. For more information of this service go to our concrete pump page to find out all the details.

    One of the main advantages to having your concrete mixed on site is that you simply only pay for what your use, which therefore saves you money if your do not require a full lorry load.

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