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  • Concrete ordering guides: how to prepare for large-scale concrete orders

Preparing for Large-Scale Concrete Orders

One of the best parts about ordering concrete is that it can be supplied in high volumes. This is ideal for anyone planning a big project which needs a large-scale concrete order. However, before you [...]

  • Concrete pouring guides: how weather affects the quality of a concrete pour

Does the Weather Affect the Quality of a Concrete Pour?

When looking at the benefits of poured concrete, its strength, fast application and waterproof nature are highlights. But does the quality of the results change if you’re pouring in different temperatures or weather conditions? Here [...]

  • Reinforced concrete - Your simple guide to reinforcing concrete techniques

Why Do You Need Reinforced Concrete?

There many benefits of poured concrete, including its strength and adaptability. However, there are times when a type called ‘reinforced concrete’ will need to be used for particular structures. Here’s everything you need to know. [...]

  • Concrete driveway guides: choose the right concrete for your new driveway

Choosing the Right Concrete for a Driveway

Concrete is often chosen for driveways thanks to its strength, durability and cost. It can also be much easier to maintain than other types of material. It’s ideal for both flat and sloped driveways and [...]

  • The Strengths & Benefits of Poured Concrete

The Strengths & Benefits of Poured Concrete

Concrete is a highly versatile material, used for everything from concrete shed bases to roads and piling projects. However, there are some differences between the types of concrete available, which can affect the decision about [...]

  • Volumetric concrete guides - working out how much concrete you need

The Difference Between Concrete & Screed

When looking at the different types of concrete available, you may also come across a mixture called screed. It’s easy to get the two confused as they’re made using similar materials, but their use is [...]

  • Pouring and Levelling Concrete with Our Pumps

Pouring and Levelling Concrete with Our Pumps

Concrete suppliers have lots of tips and tricks to improve the quality of your jobs, including the use of concrete pumps. When pouring and levelling our concrete, you’ll notice how much time you can save, [...]