Concrete has lots of domestic uses, from patios and paving slabs to driveways. However, one of the most popular uses for concrete is shed bases. But how should you prepare the site before the concrete is laid? Follow our expert tips.

Concrete supplier guides: The right way to prepare for a concrete shed baseWhy Use Concrete for Shed Bases?

Laying a base is one of the most important steps to take when you’re buying a new shed for your garden. It can provide the shed structure with more stability and resilience in your outdoor spaces. If your shed has a wooden floor, as many do, then putting it straight onto grass will lead to issues further down the line, including rot caused by groundwater, not to mention the lack of sturdy foundations from sitting on soft grass and earth. Concrete is one of the most popular materials to use for a raised base thanks to its durability, level surface and strength to hold the weight of the shed. Many people even like to create cohesion between their concrete shed base and other garden features such as a pathway leading up to it made from concrete slabs.

The Most Important Rule for Shed Base Preparation

When preparing for your concrete shed base, the most important rule is that everything must be level. This isn’t such an issue for those who already have a large concrete area in which the new shed will be placed. However, for those laying a new concrete base, there are some things you can do to prepare the area. When choosing the right spot, always leave enough space around the sides and back to help with construction and future maintenance needs. Next, you’ll need to flatten and level your site. Remove turf, plants and topsoil. Concrete can’t be poured onto soft ground, so you’ll need to create a sub-base first made from hardcore. You can rake this to spread it evenly, using an earth hammer to ensure it remains compact and level.

Building a Timber Frame

Building a timber frame (known as formwork) is the ideal solution for holding the wet concrete in place while it sets. You can buy pre-made frames or construct your own. For the latter, choose timber planks as thick as the concrete base you’re creating, using string and wooden pegs to line where you’re placing the formwork. Once your timber has been sawn to the correct lengths, you can nail each plank to the pegs, which shouldn’t go above the height of the plank or it will make levelling the concrete harder. Use a spirit level to make sure they’re straight and sitting on top of the hardcore correctly. Your concrete supplier can then deliver ready mix concrete to your property to be poured into the formwork area.

Order Ready Mix Concrete

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