Whether you need a large-scale concrete order or supplies for a small domestic job, you’ll need to decide on the type of concrete required and how it will get to you. While drum lorries can be a convenient option, volumetric concrete trucks give your project the flexibility it needs.

Want to know more about the benefits of volumetric concrete? Here are just a few.

Save Money with Less Wastage

When calculating how much they have to spend on concrete, people often end up paying out more than they budgeted due to under or over-ordering. With volumetric concrete, you only pay for the exact amount used.

Each component of the concrete mix is stored separately in the vehicle, so a tailored mix can be produced in the exact specifications needed. This results in a zero-waste approach, giving you no more than the necessary volume of concrete.

With drum lorries, any unused concrete would go to waste, which can often dramatically increase the costs of your project, not to mention the hassle of disposing of it if it was removed from the truck.

Concrete supplier guides: Benefits of volumetric concrete over drum lorriesBespoke Concrete Mixes

Varying applications will require a different grade of concrete, so this can get complicated with drum lorries if you need to switch to another type. Drum lorries mix concrete offsite, so you’ll only have one kind of concrete available to you when it’s delivered as a single batch.

On-site mixed concrete is created once the lorry reaches you. This means if your team needs to switch to a different mix, such as a higher strength grade, this can be easily done. It’s one of the most flexible ways of producing different types of concrete as and when you need them. This is also highly convenient if there are any last-minute changes required, especially if the original plan wasn’t the most suitable for the intended application.

Larger Concrete Volumes

While some projects will only require a small amount of concrete (such as a shed base or garden path), others will require a larger batch. This includes construction projects, building work and foundations.

Volumetric concrete trucks will often store twice the amount that a drum mixer can, so you won’t have to worry about concrete supplies running out. You can keep a close eye on what you’re using, so if you think you need more, this can be arranged.

The higher volumes of materials present also make it easier to plan large-scale projects, scaling on-site orders as required. There won’t be the time pressures associated with ready mix concrete either, in which the concrete has to be used within a given time frame since it’s already travelled from the plant to the site.

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