There are many types of concrete, from domestic and commercial concrete to ready mix and volumetric batches. But did you know there are different grades which define the strength and composition of the mix? You’ll need to select the right one, depending on the job you’re performing. To make things easier, here are some of the main concrete grades you’ll come across and their uses.

Concrete grades & their applications - find the right one for your projectThe Different Concrete Grades & Their Applications

C10/Gen 1

Known as C10 or Gen 1 concrete, this grade is often used for general, non-structural work and domestic applications. This includes pad foundations, shallow trench fill and strip fill foundations, and it’s used for structures such as kerbsides and steps.

C15/Gen 2

C15 or Gen 2 concrete is often selected for footings (e.g. for small walls), drainage works and internal house floors which will have another non-permanent covering laid over the top, such as tiles or carpet. However, it should not be used for flooring which has any embedded metal present.

C20/Gen 3

C20 or Gen 3 concrete is often used for light-duty applications which still require a sturdy base. This includes domestic foundations where the structure the concrete lays beneath will be lighter in weight. It’s the ideal grade for concrete bases for a new shed, workshop, greenhouse or garage, providing that extra strength to support the weight of the structure.


C25 or ST2 concrete is a great multi-purpose mix, which is extremely versatile in its application, including commercial projects. It can be used for anything from footings and foundations to patios and driveways. As it’s a stronger grade, it can also be chosen to construct reinforced bases for houses. It’s often selected for single-storey foundations, such as bungalows and home extensions, as well as internal floor slabs.


These grades are incredibly durable, so are often used for walkways which will have a lot of footfall moving across them such as paths, pavements and slabbing in public areas or around commercial properties. They also offer strong mixes for driveways but are the lowest grade of concrete which should be used for road traffic. C35 is also good for commercial structures, including concrete piling and heavy-duty applications.


Often used by construction workers and in the industrial industry, this durable, strong concrete grade is used for projects such as roadworks and agricultural work. It can be chosen for anything which requires a high strength concrete, including deeper foundations and structural support beams.

Choosing the Right Concrete Grade

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