Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials available, meaning it can easily adapt to a variety of different uses. It’s also really easy to use, especially if you find a local concrete supplier who can deliver batches, such as ready mix concrete, in the grade you need for a specific job. Here are some of the most common uses for our concrete.

Concrete supplies guide - what are the most common uses for our concrete?Foundations for Buildings & Structures

One of the most common uses for concrete is footings and foundations. These could be for buildings or anything else which requires ground support, such as bridges, steps and walls. There are many different types of foundations, differing in depth and consistency, but all have the purpose of supporting the weight of something else. Our concrete can be used for house building, garages, extensions and basements, as well as piling for buildings several storeys high.

Landscaping & Driveways

Concrete has many domestic applications thanks to its sturdy nature and durability, meaning property owners won’t have to spend a lot of time or money to maintain it. It’s strong enough to use on driveways, but it can also be selected for lots of different structures around your garden and outdoor spaces. This includes concrete shed bases, paving, patios, paths, walls, or even to create define areas around spots such as ponds, pools and raised flower beds.


Concrete is often used for flooring, creating the robust, strong foundations you’d expect for anywhere which may be walked or even driven across. It can be used on its own in a high strength mix for flooring in places such as multi-storey car parks or when industrial machinery will be moving across the area. Equally, our concrete can also be used as a subfloor. It can then be levelled and given a smoother finish with screed or covered in a non-permanent material such as tiles or carpet.


While concrete is commonly used for domestic projects, it also has widespread use in the drainage industry. Its ability to be moulded into different shapes when wet, combined with its strength and waterproofing properties, makes it the ideal material for structures required in drainage systems. This includes extensive pipework needed.


While it’s also used for roadworks, one of the most common commercial uses for our concrete is for public walkways. A higher strength grade can be used where the ground will need to withstand more traffic, including paths, pavements and areas around a commercial property. It could even be used for fencing posts which line paths next to a slope, creating a safety barrier.

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