One of the best parts about ordering concrete is that it can be supplied in high volumes. This is ideal for anyone planning a big project which needs a large-scale concrete order. However, before you start, follow these tips to ensure you’re prepared before it arrives.

Concrete ordering guides: how to prepare for large-scale concrete orders

Working out How Much You Need

One of the first steps is to ensure you understand how much concrete you need. One of the easiest ways to work this out is to use our concrete calculator. All you need to do is fill in the measurements of the space you need to fill with concrete (width, length and height in metres), and it will immediately calculate the volume you require.

Choosing a Concrete Grade

If your job requires one order of a large volume of concrete, this makes things simpler. However, if you need a sizeable concrete order for lots of smaller projects, such as foundations, walls, paths and other structures, you may need to think about the different concrete grades required, which will determine the strength of the mix. You can then decide if ordering one large batch of ready mix concrete is the right option for you, or whether on-site mixed concrete in volumetric lorries will give you more flexibility over the volumes and grades produced for each structure.

Managing Costs

It’s easy to let costs spiral on a project if you don’t manage what’s being spent. To ensure you keep an eye on costs, choose a concrete supplier who uses a digitised system when pouring the concrete. This is still useful if you’ve ordered a set volume of ready mix concrete because it removes any disputes about how much has been used. You’ll never be wondering whether you were overcharged or not.

Saving Time when Pouring

If you’re preparing for a large-scale concrete order, you should consider how to save time. If you would usually collect the concrete in wheelbarrows, this may take too long and produce more waste when it comes to larger batches. If the lorry can’t easily access your site, concrete pumps are the ideal solution. They consist of long, flexible pipes which can transport the concrete directly from the lorry to the pouring site. If you have a large amount to pour and level, it also makes sure the concrete’s workability remains consistent throughout.

Using the Right Supplier

Ultimately, the best way to prepare for a high volume of concrete is to choose a reputable supplier who can assist with large-scale jobs. Ask them about whether their fleet is equipped to produce such a big order, how they can make the job go smoothly, whether they supply concrete pumps and the different types and grades of concrete provided. They may also be able to offer a same or next day turnaround, so you can contact them once you’re ready to pour the concrete.

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