Whether you’re looking for concrete for domestic or commercial use, keeping your costs to a minimum is essential to help the project stay within its budget. Volumetric concrete is a great choice because it helps reduce some of the costs associated with mixing your own concrete without sacrificing the quality of the results. Here’s everything you need to know.

Find out how to cut your concrete costs. Top benefits of volumetric concrete. Eliminate waste. Pour exact volumes. How volumetric concrete lorries save time. No more under & over ordering. Get a free, competitive quote.

What Is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is a type of on-site mixed concrete. The materials (water, cement and ballast) are carried separately in compartments of the volumetric mixer lorry until they reach the site, as opposed to ready mixed concrete. Once the truck has arrived, the requirements for the mix can be input, adding the correct volume of each of the materials. Once the concrete is ready, it can be poured directly into the site where it’s needed, or into wheelbarrows or transported through concrete pumps, which are used for hard to reach areas.

Eliminate Waste

One of the key ways that volumetric concrete can help reduce costs is by eliminating the amount of waste created on-site. Mixing concrete yourself with traditional drums can be a pretty messy and time-consuming job, not to mention the effort of transporting it across the site. Volumetric concrete is a much faster, cleaner way to both create and pour the concrete where it’s required. This means you’re not wasting any of the mixture which may get spilt or unused. It also means less time and money is spent on cleaning up the site after project completion.

Pour Exact Volumes

When examining why you may be spending more than you need to on concrete supplies, you may realise you sometimes over or under-order what’s required. Over-ordering is a problem because it often leads to more waste, spending money unnecessarily on concrete you don’t need. Under-ordering can be an issue because if you usually buy concrete in batches to save money, having to order a small amount to make up the difference can be costly, not to mention the time and inconvenience caused. Volumetric concrete lorries remove this issue. Connected to a high-tech computer system, the exact amount of concrete poured is measured, meaning you’ll only ever pay for the quantity used.

How Volumetric Mixers Save Time

It can be too easy to measure the costs of a job by the money spent, but what about time? If you or your workforce are spending hours mixing different volumes of concrete and then transporting it in wheelbarrows, the project won’t be as cost-effective as it could be. By completing projects as quickly and efficiently as possible (while maintaining high standards), you’ll be free to start the next job or take on more work.

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