Some people believe concrete comes as a standard mix. However, depending on the type of job you’re carrying out, you may need a different type of concrete, with it prepared or delivered in a specific way. It’s important to find the right concrete for the project you’re undertaking, so follow our expert advice to make the best choice.

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Domestic vs Commercial Jobs

The type of concrete you select is going to depend on the work you’re doing. You’ll often see domestic concrete and commercial concrete differentiated between because the types of project can vary between the two sites. There may be similarities when it comes to jobs like laying foundations for building work, but with domestic work, you’ll get more projects such as landscaping, shed bases, patios, slabs and driveways. Generally, these tasks require smaller volumes. They may also need a different grade of concrete to the commercial projects we often see, such as construction work, roadworks, pavements and jobs requiring higher volume mixtures. It’s a good idea to find a supplier who offers domestic and commercial concrete services individually to get a more tailored approach to identifying the right concrete your needs.

Variety of Jobs

There are some jobs where you may need an exact amount of one type of concrete delivered. Ready mix concrete is often the best choice here, as it’s pre-mixed before it arrives. This creates a standard batch in the correct ratio of materials and can be delivered and immediately poured into the desired spot. However, if you have a job which is going to require several grades of concrete within a set timeframe, volumetric concrete is a better choice. This means the water, cement and ballast will be in separate compartments within the lorry, and specific volumes can be mixed up once on-site. It’s a more flexible option, using the right amounts of the concrete you need at each location on your site.


Every project will have its own timeframe, which is why using a supplier can make things as simple as possible. You can concentrate on the task at hand, putting in a call for the type of concrete you need to be delivered either the same or next day. This is in contrast to bags of materials sitting on your site, unused and waiting to be mixed. If you need the concrete to act in a certain way, i.e. set slower or faster, you may also be able to add accelerators or retarders to the mixture. When deciding on the right concrete for the job, you should consider how concrete pumps could help. Whatever type of concrete you’ve chosen, concrete pumps can speed up the pouring process, transporting your concrete across larger sites where it’s difficult for the volumetric lorries to reach.

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